Meet Stephanie Miranda: Brazilian Waxing Wizard and Zandi Land Evangelist



Hey there, beauties! Are you ready to dive into the world of waxing wonders? Well, hold onto your waxing strips because we're about to introduce you to someone who’s reputation precedes her. Many of you know her as the Snapcatch Brazilian queen who’s been

Stephanie Miranda Waxology 101

dropping all the waxing knowledge on all the socials for years! The fabulous Stephanie Miranda is the mastermind behind one of Houston’s best waxing havens known as the original Waxology101! 🎉



Stephanie's Zandi Land Love Story:

Picture this: a bustling salon in the heart of Houston, Texas, where every Brazilian wax comes with a sprinkle of magic, courtesy of Zandi Land products. Stephanie has been a long time supporter of Zandi Land Products as a Zandi Land Pro since the very beginning! The fearless leader of Waxology101, swears by the Zandi Land Deck Scrub PURE – her secret weapon for delivering top-notch  post wax results to her loyal clientele. But it's not just about the products; it's about the family vibes that Zandi Land brings to the table. With a supportive community like Zandi Land, Stephanie feels like she's found her waxing soulmates! Ok, well know we are gonna cry!


Spreading Waxing Wisdom with Zandi Land:


When it comes to sharing the love for Zandi Land after-care products, Stephanie is the ultimate guru! She's all about educating her clients on the

importance of post-wax TLC, and with Zandi Land goodies in her arsenal, she's got the power to transform bikini areas into smooth, silky paradises! Stephanie's mantra? Treat your bikini area like royalty, and it'll thank you with radiance fit for a queen!


From Social Media Sensation to Salon Superstar:


Stephanie's journey to waxing stardom is nothing short of legendary! After being a long time wax trainer helping to cultivate baby Brazilian waxers,  making waves on Snapchat and honing her skills in the waxing world, she decided to take the plunge and open her own studio – and thus, Waxology101 was born! From humble beginnings waxing friends and family in her living room to creating a stunning salon space buzzing with  laughter and good vibes, Stephanie's story is proof that dreams really do come true!


Creating Waxing Wonderland at Waxology101:


Step inside Waxology101, and you'll instantly feel the energy pulsating through the air! With a killer playlist that ranges from '90s R&B jams to the latest chart-toppers, every waxing session is a party at Stephanie's salon! And let's not forget the post-wax tequila shots – because why not add a little extra fun to your waxing experience? 🍹At Waxology101, it's not just about getting smooth; it's about embracing the joy of self-care and feeling fabulous from the inside out!


Stephanie's Words of Waxing Wisdom:


For all the aspiring waxing wizards out there, Stephanie has some pearls of wisdom to share: never stop learning and evolving! In an industry that's constantly buzzing with new trends and techniques, staying ahead of the curve

is key to success. And of course, never underestimate the power of a killer playlist to keep the vibes high and the waxing spirits soaring!


Gratitude Galore:


Last but certainly not least, Stephanie wants to extend a massive thank you to the Zandi Land family for their incredible support and for creating products that make waxing feel like a magical adventure! 🌟With Zandi Land by her side, Stephanie is ready to conquer the waxing world, one smooth bikini area at a time!


So there you have it, beauties – the sensational Stephanie and her waxing wonderland at Waxology101! Follow her fabulous journey on Instagram @waxology101_ and join the party – because when it comes to waxing, Stephanie's got the magic touch! ✨If you are looking for an amazing waxing spot in the Houston area head to her site and get booked with one of their talented wax specialists.  And if you want to hear more straight from Stephanie, check out her interview on one of our favorite podcasts, The Waxing Table.


At Zandi Land Beauty, we proudly salute phenomenal beauty entrepreneurs like Stephanie, who are shaking up the beauty cosmos, one wax strip at a time. We stand in solidarity with these game-changers who put their heart and soul into uplifting their communities and inspiring the aesthetics industry at large.


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