Why Do I Have 99 Problems and An Itch Is One When I Shave or Wax?

What are in-grown hairs and what causes them?

Sometimes, dead skin can clog up a hair follicle and force the hair inside it to grow sideways and under the skin, rather than upward and outward. Your determined hair keeps growing but never sees the light of day above the surface of your skin. Additionally, ingrown hairs can gather bacteria within the hair follicle and become infected. These unsightly little buggers can be a real horror for bikini waxers and shavers! An ingrown hair can occur for a couple of reasons. 

 This can happen for regular waxers who don’t exfoliate enough. The fine hairs do not have enough strength to penetrate through tough dry skin barriers. in-grown hairs can also be caused by regular shavers leaving sharpened hair ends that can easily piercing the skin’s surface and curling back in. 

But both causes of in-grown hairs can be treated and eliminated with daily physical exfoliation. Our Deck Scrub provides both physical exfoliation from Bamboo Stem, Pumice and Walnut Shell as well as chemical exfoliation from Canadian Willow Herb and natural anti-bacterial from Tea Tree oil to Keep Your Kitty Pretty whether you are a waxer or a shaver.

Why does my bikini area itch after I shave or wax?

When your bikini hair is growing back, if the skin has not been regularly exfoliated the hair under the skin causes irritation to the skin.  The itch is literally the hair trying to grow out of old dry thick skin. Itching can also be caused by dry skin from shaving. That is why it is important to exfoliate daily with Deck Scrub and then moisturize with Deck Polish Hydrating Bikini Balm.


Who experiences in-grown hair and irritation?

According to research and studies, most women (somewhere between 85-90%, cited from various sources) experience in-grown hairs and irritation caused from waxing or shaving. If you are experiencing these issues, you are not alone! When we are looking at Victoria Secret models strutting around in bikinis and we don’t see a pimple or razor burn, it’s easy to start spiraling, “maybe it’s only me?”. But, the truth is most women report irritation from hair removal. Women shouldn’t have to choose between unwanted hair and a red, irritated Deck. But the good news is that with our products you won’t have to choose! You can be hair free, smooth, and polished!


What is the difference between waxing, shaving, and laser hair removal for my bikini line?

We all have hair but how we get rid of it varies a lot! 

 If you wax your hair you are removing the hair and the root as well.  The hair does grow back, but it is a new hair so it gets finer and thinner the more you wax. When you wax the growth cycle is that of a new hair rejuvenating from nothing (about 4 weeks). Some may experience ingrown hairs from waxing because the new hair comes in too fine to penetrate the skin and can continue growing under the surface.  An ingrown hair can get infected and become a major problem, or they can just be irritating and unsightly. 

 Shaving is another popular option for hair removal, however when shaving the hair is left as a blunt cut which will cause irritation around each follicle and in each pore as it grows.  The irritation from shaving leaves the skin red and bumpy if not properly conditioned before and after the shave.  Also a fresh razor and great shave crème can help. 

 Laser is a solution most think is permanent, but it isn’t always. Laser hair removal has the longest lasting results but can leave the skin very irritated, especially just after getting it done.  The laser is attracted to pigment so you must have dark hair in order to have this treatment done. The laser goes down the hair and burns the follicle of the hair.  The appointment is costly and painful, but some swear by it. One thing that is for sure if not taken care of after you laser appointments your skin will be bumpy from the burnt hair in each pore. 

Use of a physical exfoliant like, Deck Scrub will ensure they get out of your pores and your bikini looks pretty. The natural astringents in Deck Polish will also help to close your pores and keep your skin looking smooth.

Regardless of which method you prefer your skin needs to be taken care of to not only be hair free but for the skin be smooth and polished.

Can I use Deck Scrub and Polish anywhere on my body?

We get asked this on the daily. The answer is YES!  Anywhere you shave or wax you will love the results. We focused on the bikini area because that is where the perfect storm of friction, body fluids, and hair removal on the regular happens the most. When you add sweat and friction to fresh waxed or shaved skin, irritation is bound to happen. Our products address the issues of redness, irritation and ingrown hairs wherever you wax or shave. Many of our clients also use our products on their underarms and legs. The only area we do not recommend for use is anywhere near the eyes.

So use Zandi Land products. You might still have 99 problems but an itch won't be one! 

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