Key Ingredient Spotlight - Coconut Oil

Ah, the world of beauty products! It can be as fickle as the weather in our home state of Colorado. One day an ingredient is the hottest, promising to cure everything from your acne to your broken tail light. The next day, it’s complete trash. 

At Zandi Land, we carefully research the nitty gritty of what an ingredient does and does not do when we develop our products. We take our time sourcing the perfect ingredients for your needs and never pander to the latest hot trend. 
You’ve probably seen Coconut Oil become trendy and questioned by the internet’s finicky cancelling ways. We get it! Mixing Coconut Oil with all kinds of crazy stuff, slapping it on your body, and calling it a day - well, that’s just terrifying!

While Coconut Oil has been given a bad rap, it’s actually an amazing ingredient when used correctly! So how did Coconut Oil solidify its place on our deck? (See what we did there...Deck Products...get it...we’re smart and funny too!)

5 Reasons why Coconut Oil is on our list! 

1. Let’s start by debunking a common myth. Comedogenic has definitely become a buzzword! “Is this comedogenic?” “That’s comedogenic.” “I need something non-comedogenic!” But what does that actually mean? It’s simply a fancy term for something that tends to clog the pores of the skin which can cause blackheads. Keep in mind, your ingrown hair issues aren’t the same as acne. Acne is caused by pores which are clogged and filled with oil and bacteria.

Ingrown hairs, on the other hand, generally aren’t formed by pore blockage! Instead, they are caused by rogue hairs that grow sideways (sometimes trapped by dry, dead skin cells) back into the skin through the follicle wall. The result is that the skin now sees the hair as a foreign invader and starts to fight against it causing redness and irritation. Bam! Ingrown hair! So the key to getting rid of ingrown hairs is to exfoliate and hydrate to help those hairs travel above the skin’s surface. Coconut Oil, combined with our other key ingredients, provides the medium chain fatty acid for the job!

Now you might actually have acne prone skin in addition to ingrown hairs. (Girl, me too!) Fractionated Coconut Oil will be your new best friend! Stick with me - I’ll discuss more about that later!

2. Keeping skin hydrated can act as a barrier to bacteria, aid in the healing of scars, and maintain skin integrity, especially in high friction areas such as the bikini line. In fact, the bikini area NEEDS and craves this moisture. The fatty acids in Coconut Oil make it a great moisturizer that sinks in quickly and softens the skin.

3. Coconut Oil has been shown to be anti-inflammatory and is even known to ease pain! It’s normal to step off the table and have immediate redness. We love Coconut Oil to help take away the initial sting and jump start the fight against ingrown hair caused inflammation. 

4. Coconut Oil contains antimicrobial Lauric Acid, which makes up nearly 50% of this wonder oil’s fatty acids, and has been shown to be effective in blocking the growth of bacteria and preventing infection. And that’s exactly the kind of ingredient you want in your bikini skincare!

5. It’s also rich in antioxidants that repair and regenerate skin. It increases collagen, which helps to heal wounds like hair removal burns and cuts. Say buh-bye to painful hair removal war wounds and hello to healed new skin! 

Armed with this info, you can see why Coconut Oil in our products was carefully chosen along with every one of our ingredients. So does this mean traditional Coconut Oil is perfect for everyone? Of course not! As with any ingredient, some skin just may not love it. Traditional Coconut Oil can be too heavy and not absorb for some. Which is why we found a version of Coconut Oil that we’re bringing into our lineup to meet more skin needs! 

- Drum Roll Please - 

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