Dear Miss Kitty Series: I'm embarrassed to get waxed!

My Embarrassing Skin Is Making Me Avoid My Next Wax Appointment

Dear Miss Kitty,

I’ve always loved hitting up the salon and changing my hair styles. When I learned that I could do the same with my hair down there, I knew that I had a new self care ritual. With my amazing waxer - turned unofficial therapist, I have experimented with a clean bikini line, a trimmed but full bush, some cute Valentine’s Day sparkle, a little strip, and a completely hairless kitty! Something about pulling up my jeans post wax feels so good. Frozen drink with one of those paper umbrellas in hand, out of office message on, type of good! But before I can fully settle into my paradise, gross bumps and itchiness take up residence. I take pride in my hygiene and skincare routines - but I can’t take pride in what’s happening to my amazing box! I’m so embarrassed I’ve even stopped responding to my waxer’s texts to schedule my next appointment - for six months! I don’t mind the lush jungle happening down there - but I do want to be able to mix it up and my skin woes aren’t letting me live! 


Jane and My Jungle


Dear Jane,

Don’t be embarrassed! We’ve all been there - razor in one hand, texting 911 to our waxer with the other, while wishing for a 3rd hand to scratch away the itchiness. Believe it or not, a skin melt down doesn’t have to be the norm whenever we want to switch up our lovely lady bits’ hair. You block off time in your busy life to invest in making your face glow and hair pop. It’s time to expand that love to your deck! As long as you have Zandi Land’s Deck Scrub and Deck Polish, you’ll be sliding back into paradise soon! With your new Scrub, you’ll love exfoliating your deck to remove dead dull skin that tends to trap in hair and other nastiness. Depending on your sensitivity you have three options to combat the irritation caused by those pesky ingrowns - OG, Sensitive or PURE. You’ll finish your effortless routine before you know it, with your heavenly Polish to moisturize and soothe your skin. Your skin’s enemies have no chance. And girl did you know, with proper exfoliation and hydration - your hair follicles become more willing to submit to your waxer’s touch - getting you off their table and back into your jeans even quicker! You might just have to start booking coffee dates in addition to your next appointment to get in your therapy sessions!

Your Jungle Whisperer,

Miss Kitty xoxo

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