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You asked for it and we listened! Our PUREst line is finally coming to a shelf near you this holiday season! 

Our original trio, Deck Scrub OG, Deck Scrub Sensitive, and Deck Polish, are already your classic favorites delivering the sexy results you love! But we know that different kitties need different things. So we decided to create a product perfect for our babes who want to #keepitsimple when they #keeptheirkittiespretty.

Introducing Deck Scrub PURE and Deck Polish PURE.


We stan for PURE and here’s why you will too!

Fractionated Coconut Oil! She’s a queen for ultra-light hydration leaving no greasiness behind! Our acne prone and oily skin babes will love how the products absorb effortlessly without the extra noise of clogged pores. This version of Coconut Oil retains all moisturizing and collagen boosting properties that we love from its traditional source.

Our sensitive and reactive babes love that there is no added fragrance! We love to smell good but we don’t love products filled with lots of chemicals. While we always keep the amount of aroma in our products to a minimum, we know that some of us can’t tolerate any at all! That’s where PURE comes into the mix! If fragrance gets in the way of your skin or sinuses living their best lives - we gotchu!

Completely vegan formulations. All of our products are always cruelty free. Our Scrubs have always been vegan but our original Deck Polish contains a specific soothing formulation containing dairy milk protein. We put our lab coats on and cracked the code to give the same, if not better, results through a 100% vegan option for our babes looking for alternatives. Our new Deck Polish PURE has been reformulated with an algae extract! We are excited to provide an inclusive line with the same great results for all of our plant based babes! 

Our old faves are still in the mix including Bamboo Stem for the best natural exfoliation to remove dead skin, Aloe to soothe and nourish, and Canadian Willow Herb to kill bacteria! As always, you can rely on clean ingredients that get the job done, from a brand you already love! Only the good stuff to keep your kitty pretty, fresh, and fine #CleanAF 

Snatch up our new line of products available for preorder now before they’re gone!



Our original deck line came on the scene to give ladies the post hair removal results we’ve been craving! But one formulation cannot meet the needs of all of our unique skin stories. So we went back to the lab with a specific need in mind - create the cleanest formulations for our most sensitive, reactive, and acne prone babes while maintaining the integrity of our notoriously,  effective results. We are so proud to launch our new babies - and know you’ll love them. Don’t tell our originals - but PURE might be our new faves. Check out our full line - to find what works best for you!

What is Fractionated Coconut Oil?

Whew - we can talk your ear off about Coconut Oil. In fact we wrote a whole blog about it. Without geeking out too hard, Fractionated Coconut Oil maintains the nourishing properties that we love in traditional Coconut Oil including collagen boosters and anti inflammatory skin healers. The added bonus is that the triglycerides that cause heaviness are removed leaving lightweight results that do not clog pores. This is great for all skin types - but especially for those of us with acne prone or deliciously oily skin.

I am an ethically conscious consumer, is PURE for me?

Yassss queen! Like all of our products, PURE is ethically sourced, using cruelty free ingredients that are never tested on animals. We eliminate extra packaging and use recyclable materials when possible! The entire PURE line joins our Scrubs in being 100% vegan. Deck Polish PURE was reformulated to provide a plant based option with the same results as the original Polish.

I try to find fragrance free products for the sanity of my nose and skin - can you help a sis out?

We got you babe! While we never want to be smelly - we also don’t want to irritate those around us. We’ve all been in that position where the overuse of chemical fragrance tingles our sinuses or reacts negatively with our skin. It’s the worst! Our PURE line has no added fragrance to treat yo’self to a reactive free zone while staying fresh! 

How do I order?

Head over here to shop the line! 

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