Skincare Formulation Matters: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Looking for effective and clean skincare in the age of information can be overwhelming at best, and migraine-inducing at worst. When products have dozens of ingredients listed, many of which have both positive and negative feedback across various reviewers and websites (not to mention names you can’t even begin to pronounce!) It can definitely make narrowing down which product you should use much more daunting than actually waxing your kitty in the first place! 

The best thing to remember in your search is that while ingredients themselves are extremely important, the formula matters most. Certain ingredients may work wonderfully in small amounts, or become more effective when mixed with another ingredient. Some ingredients may do more harm than good on their own, but become a powerful tool when added to the mix. A perfect example of this is coconut oil. Some beauty bloggers completely vilify it, but many people absolutely love and swear by it. Us included! You can read more about our thoughts on coconut oil here

Here at Zandi Land, we like to think of concocting the perfect skincare like baking an awesome cake. On their own, each ingredient in a cake has different uses in the kitchen and won’t necessarily make you sick if you eat it on its own. But who wants to just eat a plate of baking powder?! Pass. Now mix that baking powder with sugar, vanilla extract, and a few other ingredients and you have a delicious treat you can’t wait to sink a fork into. Take out any of those key ingredients and you are left with something that probably isn’t even palatable and definitely won’t resemble a cake in a fancy bakery. Same goes for skincare! Just like your grandma’s favorite cake recipe, once the correct mix of ingredients is found and put together, a pathway to happy skin is created. 

Just as you wouldn’t trust a lawyer to bake you a pastry masterpiece, you should leave creating skincare products in the capable hands of the skin experts. DIY skincare can be a great and cost effective solution for simple problems, but as with any issue under the hood, you don’t want to play a game of roulette! All of our products are professionally formulated, sourced, and filled in a certified laboratory. Don’t get us wrong, we love making cakes (and eating them too!), but we rely on the pros to fill your products. 

Perfect formulation is extremely important to Zandi Land. We have done the intensive research and testing for you so that you can enjoy a drama-free bikini zone. Check out the star ingredients in some of our most popular product formulas that work together to make our products so potent:


Deck Scrub Exfoliation Bikini Scrub Ingrown Hair Solution for after waxing or shaving
  • Bamboo Stem and Pumice remove dead skin that can cause irritating ingrown hairs.
  • Canadian Willow Herb - soothes, calms and exfoliates to end uncomfortable red bumps.
  • Vitamin E and Shea Butter - moisturize to ensure soft, smooth skin. 



Deck Glow Bikini Brightening Serum for help with scarring and hyperpigmentation from waxing and shaving
  • Curcumin - soothes skin and reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation
  • Amla Extract - improves the appearance of skin discoloration.
  • Vitamin C - brightens and evens skin tone.
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil - improves the appearance of scarring and rough skin texture. 



Deck Polish Hydrating Bikini Balm post wax and shave skincare for ingrown hair treatment and skin soothing
  • Jojoba, Shea Butter and Orange Peel  hydrate and soften skin for a gorgeous glow
  • Our Skin Recovery Blend with amino acids and anti-inflammatoriesVitamin C helps to heal and soothe immediately after waxing and shaving. brightens and evens skin tone.
  • Natural Astringents Sea Buckthorn Oil  close pores to keep the bacteria out and keep your skin smooth and bump free. 


Each and every Zandi Land product is paraben-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. Our formulas were tweaked and perfected to be exactly right to fight ingrown hairs and exfoliate skin. Whatever your specific skin need is, we are here to help!  

If you have any questions, or need help finding a product to make that kitty pretty, send us a DM or shoot us an email at

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