Hey, Zandi Landers! 🌟 Buckle up, as we're about to take a fabulous ride into the vibrant world of Nichelle Lock, the zestful esthetician and wonder-woman behind Pheelin' Phuzzy Waxing in Goodyear, AZ and a Zandi Land Ambassador! If you're not already peach-obsessed with her Instagram @phuzzy_peach, let's spill the tea on why she's the real deal in the beauty biz! 🍵✨

The Peachy Path to Glow Up

Our girl Nichelle’s beauty journey is what you’d call a fabulous twist of fate! She always knew she loved making people feel good and that she had an energy about her that helped others feel comfortable, but she didn’t know exactly what that meant for her career path.

Nichelle said “I took a cosmetology course to try out everything within the beauty industry... It wasn’t until my friend from Beauty School taught me how to wax. That’s when I realized being an esthi was what I was meant to be.” She's not just making peaches smooth; she’s making hearts warm and fuzzy too, and let me tell you her amazing energy is a whole vibe!

Zandi Land & Nichelle: What She Loves About The Product and The Brand

Our girl Nichelle is ALL about the OG Zandi Land line. “The OG line is my favorite. I’ve suffered just like any other person with problem skin.

Nichelle Locke waxpert repping Zandi Land as a brand

Zandi has changed the skin care game for me. I was able to maintain my skin in between waxing but the OG Deck Scrub, Deck Polish and Deck Glow gave me everything that I was looking for in a professional product and then some.

She's dishing love for the products and the brand, and it's clear why! “Zandi Land is a company I can stand by cause they understand that the beauty world should be a place of helping others. Giving back when we can and supporting small businesses like myself to achieve great success. Also with understanding that diversity plays a huge rolel with beauty. They are strong on creating a trusting bond.” says Nichelle

Nichelle’s after-care chit-chats are also legendary. “I love to remind my phuzzies that if they don’t take care of their peach then they won’t get the best results. Aftercare is a form of Self Care.” She's dishing out beauty wisdom one wax at a time!

Rallying with the Glam Squad

Behind every glittering star is a shimmering galaxy. “Oh, there’s too many to name. It’s literally a community of people I know that has helped me with my career. From the times I cried,wanted to quit and the lack of faith I had for myself, my community of beauty professionals would never let me stop. " Nichelle’s constellation of beauty buffs have had her back through tears, giggles, and all that jazz.

Solo-preneur & Loving It

While some rock out in bands, Nichelle's groovin' solo – and she's absolutely nailing it! Nichelle is celebrating her 2nd business birthday this week in her amazing studio suite, but hey, if the universe drops a backup dance crew (read: team) her way, she’s ready to cha-cha with them. “I’m a proud solo-preneur... If the universe wants to bless me with a team later, I know I’ll be ready.” 

Nichelle Locke Studio in Goodyear, AZ

The Phuzzy Factor: Chit-Chat & Chill

Pop in for a wax, stay for the soulful chats and mega-comfy vibes. “Conversation & Comfort. I wanted my business to be like a home away from home… I’m not putting on a mask for my business so my phuzzies don’t need to wear a mask either.” Nichelle’s mantra? Come as you are, leave a little smoother, and A LOT happier! 💃 Nichelle Locke isn’t just serving

Wax Room in Good Year Arizona

looks; she's serving memories, warmth, and a whole lotta love. Wanna get in on this Phuzzy Peach party? Slide into the magical world of Pheelin' Phuzzy Waxing. You're in for a peachy keen time!

For all things fab and phuzzy, twirl over to @phuzzy_peach on Instagram. Trust us; your feed's about to get a whole lot juicier! 🍑✨🌈

At Zandi Land Beauty, we proudly salute phenomenal beauty entrepreneurs like Nichelle, who are shaking up the beauty cosmos, one wax strip at a time. We stand in solidarity with these game-changers who put their heart and soul into uplifting their communities and inspiring the aesthetics industry at large.


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