Why We Decided to Ditch the Resolution in 2021!

Happy New Year!

Unless you’re reading this from the future or you’re an alien new around these parts (in which case, welcome boo, I have so many questions for you!), we know that 2020, formerly known as, “this is so gonna be my year”, may not have actually been our year. Who knew we needed a masterclass on the art of toilet paper rationing? Or, that we would come to learn that a King of Tigers lives amongst us.



There was plenty that proved unlovable but it wasn’t all bad! There was a JLo and Shakira halftime show, remember that?! And how about the great uniting around the beloved House of Carbs. Thank you whoever made banana bread and sourdough hip again, our carb loving bellies are forever indebted! PS. you hereby have permission to throw away that starter you’re hanging on to like 45 is to his presidency. We loved, we laughed, we ate! 

Yet, at the end of the day, no matter how unfaltering our optimism may be, we’re all fatigued by the Panny Limbo, watching the future precariously hang in the balance. We’re not unique in saying this. There are countless articles like
this and this and this one, too, affirming the dim light over the collective 2021 “New Year, New Me” spirit. The burnout is too damn high. We’re overwhelmed. And frankly a resolution feels like a bully setting us up for failure.

So we’ve thrown the “R” word in the 2020 dumpster fire and we’re celebrating the things that
already make us the baddest! (Mom: if you’re reading this, bad in this context means good - I know, slang, it’s confusing!)


We Are Warriors 

When we wake up every day, we already ARE warriors who have survived X amount of years of life and let’s be honest a million of them being during a pandemic. And, if for a moment we feel like we aren’t warriors because we need to lounge about all day and eat nothing but cereal, know that warriors deserve rest too. Personally, I’m perfecting my Xena Warrior Princess cry so that my whole block knows that I’m still that bitch!

We Love Simple Joys

We’re effortlessly gonna keep doing the things we love to do! These aren’t the things that cost money, require PTO, or even mastery of a skill. These are those micro joys that when we pay attention, give our uneventful days the extra serotonin boosts we love. Like, pretending we’re blessed with Whitney vocal cords when we try to hit those high notes in the shower. Or, throwing down our best Selena cumbia in our kitchen in between a pan stir and a dish wash. Or, complimenting a perfect stranger’s whole vibe. Or, empowering our squad and letting them know how much we’re rooting for their success. Or, acting like a whole fool with our family over game night (don’t think we’re not coming to win). Or, just snuggling with our pet and talking in that special voice we use only for them.

We Are Patient (for the most part)

Even if we all didn’t get a new home gym and spin bike, I’m certain there’s one muscle that we all toned in 2020: our patience. We had no other choice but to work on it. It’s very easy to race towards timelines and very hard to invest in the process. Timetables can be beneficial for accountability. But oftentimes, they can be disappointing when we forget to give ourselves the grace to enjoy the journey just as much as the destination. The permission to be patient is almost so revolutionary in nature that once we start observing self-patience, we ultimately give ourselves the freedom to transform situations around us instead of reacting to them. Ultimately, when we are patient with ourselves, we model how we want others to be patient with us! And that’s some real bad ass shit that we don’t even realize we’re doing!

We Are Our Own Biggest Fans

We take the art of loving ourselves seriously and we’re gonna keep treasuring the skin we’re in. Not just our epidermis, but all of us! Our moles and our natural complexion, our softness and our hardness, our frustrations and joys, our growth and setbacks, our wrinkles and folds, our smiles and tears, our goosebumps and our sweat! There’s no one like us and the world deserves to benefit from our gifts. So, we’re gonna keep watering our roots, exfoliating what holds us back, and moisturizing religiously to seal in that natural self love glow! And if you’re looking for some help, may we suggest the yumminess that gives us all the results we need, without any added fuss, so that we can get back to the streets, and smash the patriarchy! It may be our fave thing to come out of 2020! 


So, here’s to a resolution-free 2021! It will be abundant! It will be joyful! It will be impactful! You are gorgeous! You are worthy! And, you have the tools already in you to have the baddest year!


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