To Wax or Not to Wax -That’s Your Business! Keeping It Pretty - Well, That’s Ours!

Let’s get real! Our magical lady decks are freakishly strong. Just think - from sexy time, to child-birth, through menstruation, and adrenaline packed activities (thinking of you zipline harnesses) - they are the stars of so many of life’s adventures! We put her through so much that it’s easy to forget how delicate her skin can be. 

Whether we shave, wax, sugar, laser, or go au natural, there’s a lot happening down there making her more susceptible to unruly skin stress.

When we set out to create our line of Deck Products, we were thoughtful in designing our formulas knowing that we all don’t have the same preference with our hair down there. So we took to sourcing the best ingredients that 

Woman with hairless cat

effectively tackle the unique impacts of all hair removal methods. Jam packed in our tubes is a little something for everyone! I know it may be hard to believe - but take it from someone who’s busy life and, let’s admit it, quarantine adjustments, force her to switch it up between the wax, razor, and nothing!

We all know that ingrown hairs, razor bumps, redness, and irritation occur. But why?

First things first, let’s clear the air. It’s not your fault, there’s nothing wrong with you, but it can be prevented! When the skin is exposed from hair removal or gets knicked, like from a dull razor blade, we are more prone to trapping in bacteria - eww! For shavers, we want to take extra care that our blades are new and clean. For waxers, we want to make sure that the service, whether at home or in the studio, is performed properly with the right type of wax and cleanliness. This might mean a little extra attention to detail - but trust us it’s worth it!

So now that we got the hair removal safety basics down - let’s dive into some tips and tricks to prevent the itch!

Repeat after us “exfoliate and moisturize”. Good news – the results you want do not require more than these 2 steps and you can easily incorporate it into your regular hygiene regiment. We love a physical exfoliator to best sluff off skin built up around your box – yes your own skin can deceive you by creating a cozy environment for ingrowns. In the lab, we found that Canadian Willow Herb,

Pumice, and Bamboo Stem are effective to take care of all our dead skin woes without harming the skin. Added bonus, regular exfoliation preps you for a smoother service the next time you’re on the table or in the shower. With less chaos around each hair, it’s easier to grab every follicle by its root and give you the best results your kitty deserves. Exfoliation - It’s the gift that keeps giving!

But guess what? Exfoliation can only take you so far. 

A moisturizer with the right formula will take you to award winning calmness. Natural astringents like tea tree oil help to kill and prevent bacteria. We also love oils that mimic the skin’s natural oils for the best penetration. Jojoba Oil – we’re looking at you girlfriend! Nothing’s worse than getting a moisturizer and being left with that greasy sticky feeling as it just sits lifelessly on your skin.

We’re ready for you to reclaim your best deck.

Deck Scrubs are the magic that help exfoliate the inevitable dry skin that builds up and traps in new hairs and other nastiness. Regardless of how you remove your hair, remember to exfoliate with Deck Scrub prior to your technique of choice. This will prep the area making it easier for the hair to come up - this means you’re in and out with less passes - which means less irritation - and less stress!  Within 24-48 hours - sooner for shavers - reincorporate Deck Scrub and keep 

using  it daily to 3 times a week to prevent and eliminate further outbreaks. Our Deck Polish is the cherry on top. It hydrates skin and closes pores. After service, immediately slather Deck Polish over your area. Calgon take us away - this is our favorite part! You will instantly feel your skin calming, rehydrating, and redness will be eliminated. That’s the magic at work!

Deciding what to do, or not do, with your bush is your personal business. Suffering through ingrown hairs, irritation, and uncomfortable hair due to your decision should not be an expected outcome! Pick up your box’s new best friends today and you’ll never regret your hair grooming decisions - you can thank us later babe!

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