Sometimes Size Does Matter!

You heard it here first, babe! Our best selling Deck Polish is now available in a large 10 oz pump bottle, designed just for your professional pleasure! 

As estheticians, we are skincare evangelists. Second only to the right ingredients, the right timing is our gospel! After all, our clients leave our beds every day with strict instructions for no immediate hot tub parties, no hanky panky sheet dancing, and no kitty exfoliating after service. 

But there’s still a lot happening down there right after hair removal and it doesn’t mean that we have to ignore skincare for 48 hours! If all the vajacials on our Tik Tok feeds have taught us anything, it’s that your results and experience can drastically be improved with aftercare as soon as that last strip is lifted!

Since launching in 2016, our salons do not let a day go by without finishing every body waxing service with Deck Polish. And we love hearing that professional estheticians across the globe are ending their services that way too! I mean what better way to help everyone walk out of the waxing room with the best esthetician approved products money can buy than to use them during every appointment!


5 Reasons Why Professional Estheticians Know That Using Deck Polish Is a Game Changer!



Earns Bragging Rights

We want every client to leave with results so good that they have no choice but to tell everyone about the best experience in town! We know we're doing something right when they keep coming back and bring their besties, cousin’s nanny, and neighbors, too. (Different appointments of course - no waxing orgies here, lol!) Deck Polish is our secret weapon to deliver consistently flawless post service results. It is specifically designed to be used for daily use and leaves every service noticeably better. It’s that extra icing on the cake; we can’t imagine waxing without it.



Removes the Gunk

We can be the quickest waxer with the best wax that gives the most painless waxing experience possible. But at the end of the day, if we leave sticky wax residue behind, our clients are going to be waddling instead of strutting out our doors. And we all know that post brazilian strut is the best part of getting waxed! The hydrating ingredients in Deck Polish effortlessly clean up any annoying leftover residue so that the only thing our clients will be feeling is themselves.



Does the Dirty Work for Us

When we designed Deck Polish we knew we were onto something. It goes to work targeting irritation and preventing ingrowns through its natural hydrating and bacteria combating properties, all day, any day, on all bodies! It penetrates beyond the surface of the skin for longer lasting results that don’t leave us (or our clothes) feeling any certain way but silky smooth. Natural astringents work their magic to close pores and keep out bacteria while our clients go about their business (sometimes the exact business we tell them NOT to do post-wax!). Chamomile and aloe immediately calm that natural post wax redness that we all get! Our guests leave feeling even better than they already do after that fresh wax without us breaking a sweat!



Smells Ahhhhhhmazing!

If smelling is our sense most connected to our memories, opening up a bottle of Deck Polish takes us to the most luxurious spa experience - which only proves our suspicion that we were self care queens in our past lives. We took our time picking out the right smells that are all natural and smell good not only in the bottle but on skin too. Let’s be real, gone are the days of smelling artificial or breaking out from fragrance. Once our clients catch a whiff, we know we’ll be ringing up their bottle to take home in no time. Who knows, they might even grab some up for their crew too! 

Secures Our Bag

Whether or not we are the ones doing the waxing or getting waxed, we’re all boss babes who are always think about the bottom line - am I getting a return on my investment? The answer is always ‘YES’ when you receive the results you desire! We loved designing Deck Polish Back Bar because it delivers for EVERYONE! It keeps us as professionals working efficiently and hygienically. And, as people that get waxed, it gives us the results of our dreams! With results this good, the only thing we need to worry about is keeping our shelves stocked - and making sure our waxer has it on theirs!


Now available in 3 convenient sizes: travel, full, and back bar on the Professional Site! The skin of your dreams is only a squeeze or a pump away!

Professionals - log in to your account to pick yours up today! Not yet a ZK Pro, no worries babe, we got you! Submit an application here, and we’ll be welcoming you to the family in 2-3 business days!

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