Hold onto your tweezers, folks, because we're about to introduce you to one of our friends and favorite esthis, a beauty maestro who's ripping up the rulebook (and more than a few wax strips) in the aesthetics industry. Say hello to Glenna

Glenna Horowitz: Owner of Bare Arizona Waxing Salon

Horowitz, the fearless, follicle-fighting mastermind behind Bare Arizona (@BareArizona). This buzzing beauty hub is in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Epiphany: One Brazilian Wax Away

As a licensed cosmetologist since 2010, Glenna didn’t actually get into the industry right away. Years later, while hunting for a career change that would offer more freedom and flexibility Glenna was getting a Brazilian wax of her own. Amid the smooth gliding of a wax strip, she had a lightbulb moment, "I could do this!!" And just like that, she found herself in a career that’s always growing, just like the hair she’s set out to conquer!

Riding Solo to Flying with a Flock:

From a solo-preneur, Glenna has grown her empire to include an amazing team of waxers, all skilled in the art of making hair disappear. At Bare Arizona, the team isn't just for troubleshooting when things go south; it's about the camaraderie, the belly laughs that echo in the hallways, and the shared sense of delight when a

Bare Arizona Luxury Waxing Spa in Scottsdale, AZ

client walks away feeling like a million bucks. “I LOVE being surrounded by people, and truly value the perks of having coworkers. We bring each other an immense amount of joy, can commiserate if things go awry, and always have a friend to laugh with in the halls!”

Bare Arizona: Where Little Things Make Big Waves

At Bare Arizona, Glenna's attention to detail is as precise as her waxing technique. She sweats the small stuff, so you don't have to! From using non-woven paper that sticks to its job, not to the guests, to stepping out of the room to provide clients with some "de-fuzzing privacy," she's thought of it all. Even the provision of a kitty wipe for that pre-Brazilian prep is a detail that makes clients say, "hair today, gone tomorrow, and I’m coming back!"

The Zandi Land Connection

As a Zandi Land Pro and proud supporter since 2018, Glenna has been one of our biggest champs! Her alliance with Zandi Land is also another way she is always looking out for her clients. She has nothing but love for the Deck Scrub OG, Zandi Land's star product and her fav. She also has nothing but love for the Team at Zandi Land and says, “The customer service at Zandi Land is invaluable. Having support from the product lines you choose to carry in your store really goes a long way. My favorite Zandi Land product is the Deck Scrub OG- It really is suitable for any guest and I love the ability to recommend it wet to most guests, or dry if they need a more vigorous exfoliant.”

Bare Arizona's Glenna doing her thing one Brazilian Wax at a time!

Bare Arizona: A Radiant Oasis in Scottsdale

Scottsdale’s secret weapon against unwanted hair, Bare Arizona is more a waxing salon; it’s a sanctuary for smooth skin and good vibes. Under Glenna’s leadership, the salon focuses not just on waxing away unwanted hair, but also on building connections and working with clients to ensure they leave feeling as smooth as a peach and as happy as a clam. If you’ve ever checked out her instagram you know her relationships are more than skin deep! Glenna is one of the most genuine souls out there!

Whether you're a Scottsdale local or just breezing through, swing by Bare Arizona for an experience that's less 'ouch' and more 'oooh.' You can also keep up with all the follicle-fighting action and get to know and love Glenna on Insta @BareArizona.

At Zandi Land Beauty, we proudly salute phenomenal beauty entrepreneurs like Glenna, who are shaking up the beauty cosmos, one wax strip at a time. We stand in solidarity with these game-changers who put their heart and soul into uplifting their communities and inspiring the aesthetics industry at large.

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