Decision Dilemma: Which Deck Scrub Is Best for My Skin?

How many times have you gone shopping and found yourself looking down rows and rows of skincare products to only find yourself more confused than when you first walked in the door? Girl, saaaaaame! Let’s face it, between our breakneck schedules and rest, we don’t have time to analyze our skin AND research ingredients. After all, there are literal professionals that go to school and training to know all of that for us: shout out to estheticians and dermatologists that keep our skin glowing and healthy!!!

It would be awesome to have a dermatologist or esthetician on speed dial. But chances are that when you go shopping for a new product, you’re standing alone, saying a prayer, and hoping that you're not flushing money down the drain! 

Over here at Zandi Land, we never want that to be your shopping reality! Our affordable post wax and shave bikini skin care products are created and tested by professionals in the beauty industry that understand skin, ingredients and know exactly what’s needed to prevent ingrown hairs, redness and irritation caused by waxing or shaving.

And those in the know, know the first step is EXFOLIATION!

Our bikini skincare product line includes 3 super approachable exfoliating scrubs to keep your skin soft and smooth: Original, Sensitive, and PURE. I mean, Goldilocks needed to find what was just right for her, and we’ll help do the same for you!

Our esthetician recommended scrubs contain natural physical and chemical exfoliants, antibacterial properties, and hydrating ingredients for the healthiest after wax skincare! They're vegan skincare, paraben free skincare and of course cruelty free skincare for areas where you wax or shave. Our winning combination packs an effective punch for the specific stubbornness of ingrown hairs while understanding the delicacy of your intimate skin. 




Original, or OG as we like to call it, is our best selling base formula - but it is far from basic. It is tried and true with a hefty amount of our signature exfoliating blend, moisturizing ingredients, and has a light fresh floral aroma. Original is your go to if you do not have skin sensitivities and experience deeper ingrown hairs.


Sensitive contains the same ingredients of our Original formula with less physical exfoliants by weight. We added aloe and chamomile for extra calming and moisturizing properties. Sensitive is perfect for you if you need a gentler exfoliation and love a delicious fruity floral scent in your skincare! 


PURE has the same gentle exfoliation as Sensitive. We upgraded to a clean, featherlight feel with fractionated coconut oil and removed the added fragrance. PURE is perfect for you if you have extra sensitive skin,  love a fragrance-less product and have oily or acne prone skin.

Keep in mind that any physical or chemical exfoliant can be overused! So remember to watch your pressure when exfoliating! All of our scrubs just need a gentle massage in circular motions for full effectiveness. Don’t be getting down on your skin like you would your kitchen counters! 

When deciding which Deck Scrub is your skincare soulmate, ask yourself these two questions:

#1  Are you extra sensitive to fragrances? Or does your skin tend to be more oily or acne prone?  

If yes to either, grab Deck Scrub PURE for the fragrance free formulation and the ultra-lightweight hydration!

#2  Does your skin feel more dry or irritated when you exfoliate or try new products, even when you follow the instructions diligently? Or does your skin just need a little extra TLC?

If yes, then Deck Scrub Sensitive has the extra care for your skin!

If you answered no to those two questions, like a more intense physical exfoliation or experience deeper ingrown hairs then snag our Deck Scrub Original! 

Hair growth stages

Regardless of the scrub you choose, exfoliating with any of our scrubs will remove dead skin that traps hairs in ingrown purgatory (ouch!), kills bacteria that can lead to irritation and infection (gross!), and hydrates the skin preventing dry skin buildup (ahhhh - calgon, take us away!). Like any exfoliant, they can be used 24-48 hours after waxing services and we recommend using it 3-5 times in the shower weekly to begin before adjusting to more or less! 

Hopefully, you now know which Deck Scrub you need to get into your shower ASAP! But if you want to make sure you find the perfect exfoliating Deck Scrub and hydrating Deck Polish duo for your skin, take our quick quiz! And if you’re anything like us, you’re a product junkie and will want to try out all the options!

Our Original and Sensitive formulas come in travel sizes too, so that you can sample a little of each while keeping you ingrown free on the go! Happy exfoliating babes!

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