Celebrating Black History Month! Featuring Nenna Joiner

If you know us, you know that as a minority owned business, celebrating people of color and the beautiful diversity of our cultures is one of our core values. And every year we celebrate Black History Month by sharing the stories of amazing Black Founders! This year with the theme of black history month being Health and Wellness we want to share the stories of some incredible Black Founders in the arena of sexual wellness of course! 

Next up is Nenna Joiner, founder of Feelmore Adult!

Nenna Joiner Feelmore Adult in Oakland CA

Nenna Joiner (pronouns they/them) is the founder of Feelmore adult stores with locations in Oakland and Berkeley, CA. Born out of Nenna's hustle selling sex toys in the Oakland bar scene (think Too $hort style bay-be!), the initial brick and morter Feelmore location was the first Black owned sex shop in Oakland. Now the two stylish and gallery-esque Feelmore stores carry sex toys for all bodies, lingerie, kink gear, and wellness products for sexual enhancement, and are known for top notch customer service and inclusive atmospheres.


Nenna is also known personally for advocacy and activism in the black and queer communities, on de-stigmatizing conversations around sex and on decriminalizing sex work. Their whole vibe is removing harmful stigmas surrounding sex, pleasure and adult industries. And since Nenna is not messing around and is ready to take TF over, their latest project is opening the Feelmore

Social Club, a sexy cocktail bar geared towards creating space for the black, brown and queer communities of the Bay Area. 

We caught up with Nenna to talk more with them about Black History Month, sexual wellness and being a founder in this space.


Zandi: With the theme of Black History Month this year being Health and Wellness, how do you feel that sexual wellness plays into the overall wellness of the communities you serve?

Nenna: Sexual Wellness is the cheapest yet most important aspect of our wellness. You already are in control of yourself. At times of high stress, many can access their bodies to help release the tension. It’s important to remember that sex isn’t just for others but for you.

Zandi: What advice do you have to other founders of color starting out in the sexual wellness space or other adjacent industries?

Nenna: Get Started! Today, tomorrow, next week just get started! Dive into your story and find others that support that story and those are the ones that will uplift you. You can do it...You think you need just need the heart to get it going. YOU ARE ENOUGH. 

Zandi: What does Black History Month mean to you as a black person and founder?

Nenna: There are a lot of black people that died before their time b/c someone lied or envied what they achieved! Not everyone will be happy for you but keep making history anyway.


Zandi: We know you have a crazy amazing selection of products at feel What is one of your favorite products you guys have right now?

Nenna: Dame Aer Suction is the bomb. It’s great for those with larger clits, especially Trans Men! 

To check out the rest of Feelmore's incredible selection, shop locally at one of their locations or at And make sure to follow along for more deets and updates on the opening of Feelmore Social Club on insta. 

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