Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Waxing Wonderland of Melted Esthetics

Ever wondered what it'd be like to fall down a rabbit hole and find yourself in an aesthetician's wonderland?

Say "hello" to Melted Esthetics, @meltedesthetics on Insta (one of our fav insta pages too!), a Houston hotspot that has been making the act of hair removal oh-so-fabulous for the last two years! Meet Virginia Zecena, the beauty maven behind this fairy-tale, and a true Zandi Land aficionado.


Melted Esthetics was born when Virginia decided to wander off the beaten path, right after the pandemic struck.

She'd been spinning her magic in beauty retail and freelance makeup artistry, but the queen of her heart was always beauty and skin. One look at melted pink wax in an Insta ad, and she was head over heels in love with “melted esthetics”. And pink? Oh honey, that's her kind of Wonderland!

The vibrant aesthetics of Melted Esthetics, from the white and pink theme to the

The stunning Zandi Land Pros at Melted Wax in Houston, Texas.

welcoming and fun vibe, is a reflection of Virginia's personality. Along with her colleague, Amber, they have managed to create a business that makes waxing feel less like an ordeal and more like the beginning of a self-care journey. They've incorporated their unique personalities into their workspace, creating a space that is as much about waxing as it is about nurturing a comfortable environment for their clients. Virginia and her partner-in-crime, Amber, have been serving some serious personality in their workspace, turning every waxing session into a self-care party.

What sets this Wonderland apart from all the other waxing joints?

It's the constant churning of fun and exciting ideas that keep the clients hooked. Virginia's magic potion? A sprinkle of professionalism with a dash of experience from her beauty retail days. "I believe my business does a great job at making

The amazing waiting area at Houston, TX waxing spot Melted Aesthetics

waxing fun and welcoming! I want every client to feel safe and assured that we are experienced in the services we are offering. Waxing can be a scary appointment so my number one goal is to make it as enjoyable for the client as possible. Me and Amber do a great job at showcasing our own personalities through our work space and catering to all clients interested in starting their self care journey."

And her favorite Zandi Land Product?

Virginia swears by our Deck Scrub Sensitive. Our clean instructions, breezy use, and that eye-popping packaging have made her a Zandi Land fan for life. But what really seals the deal for her is our focus on aftercare. And guess what? Virginia is echoing this vibe right back to all her clients from the heart of Texas. She says "I love how straight to the point each product is! They are easy to use and follow instructions. The packaging always makes them stand out also. I love zandi land because they do an amazing job at demonstrating the importance of proper after care."

Dishing out some serious skincare truths to her clientele, Virginia plays the aftercare game strong

Zandi Land Products are a huge feature of Melted Aesthetics professional wax aftercare.

with a “prevention is easier than correction” mantra.

And just like us, she's all about the safe and gentle stuff. With Zandi Land in her arsenal, she's got those sensitive Brazilian areas covered!

So there you have it, darlings!

Melted Esthetics is your waxing wonderland, sprinkled with passion, perseverance, and a whole lot of pizzazz. A place where professionalism waltzes with unique branding, and growth is the name of the game. So buckle up, step in, and let Virginia and her crew show you how they’re reshaping the world of waxing, one hair at a time and slanging some Zandi Land along. It's a vibe we are all about! 

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