A huge piece of who we are is about giving back everywhere we can, whether this is to the small businesses we support through our wholesale and affiliate programs or through our Pay It Forward Giving. 

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Did you know our founder is iranian American?

And this month our Pay It Forward organization hits very close to home for her. "My father immigrated here from Tehran, Iran before the last Iranian Revolution in 1979 when the current authoritarian regime took over. Many Iranian families were forced to flee the country that they loved so much. And many of them have never been able to return. Since then, Iran has been ruled by an incredibly oppressive extreme religious government. The government controls every facet of Iranian citizens’ lives, especially women who are forced to wear the hijab and cover themselves according to the whims of the Morality Police. They can be fined, jailed and beaten by the morality police for not adhering to the government’s strict dress code for women. 

On September 16th a 22 year old woman named Mahsa Amini died from injuries after being detained by the morality police for not properly wearing her hijab. Her death became a spark igniting a long simmering anger of the repressed people of Iran. Women took to the streets, followed by men supporting the cause, to call for the end of the oppressive Islamic regime, and in the process bodily autonomy and economic justice. Since then, the protests have grown all over Iran and in the rest of the world. This is the largest civil rights movement Iran has seen since the last revolution and there is finally a chance to create the awareness throughout the world to give Iranians inside Iran the chance to finally demand the human rights and civil liberties that they deserve. However, the government is doing everything they can to violently end these protests. Over 300 people have been killed by Iranian authorities, protestors have been beaten and many more jailed.

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United For Iran

So this month all of our Pay It Forward Proceeds will go to United For Iran, a San Francisco based non-profit organization working for a vibrant, free and democratic Iran. United For Iran is creating important technology to help the people inside of Iran to connect, stay informed and organize safely. They run campaigns to directly pressure the Iranian government to release prisoners and stop prosecutions of people who have spoken out against the government. They are working with those on the ground in Iran fighting for change. So please help me support them and the fight for a free Iran this month.” 

UNITED FOR IRAN - “We achieve our mission by improving human rights conditions, increasing the capacity of civil society, and engaging citizens through technology. We envision an Iran where the liberties and human rights of every citizen are honored. An Iran where ordinary citizens are empowered and engaged in public affairs. An Iran that is vibrant, open, and democratic. We believe that defending human rights is the responsibility of us all, and everyone has a role to play.”

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